Sunday, 3 June 2007

mini-round up

I am suddenly broke, and also slightly diseased.

In other news, this game is driving me nuts!

And in the news...
London-based folks might be interested in hearing Alice Vachss speak on the shamefully low rape conviction rate in the UK.

Caitlin Moran on the latest abortion law crisis in the Independent.

And a slightly better, if rather worrying article on working mothers in The Guardian today.


thene said...

Gaaah, that game is EVIL. I've got into seven different squares and I'm stuck on all of them. >< I am trying to learn American pop culture off Wikipedia, and I fail. Curse you.

You've probably read this before, but hey, it's still great;

My initial reaction to that last piece was something like this; Oh well done, Grauniad. GJ @ regurgitating the bullcrap about children being the sole responsibility of women. Why rearrange the world to make it easier to push the burden onto women? Why not force men to be responsible? Also GJ @ assuming that the lives of those rich superwomen in the sky have the slightest relevance to the rest of us. It seems less ridiculously slanted on a second readthrough - I think it was that initial 'family-friendly=woman-friendly' that set me off; if you believe those two topics ought to remain as closely linked as they are now, there is something wrong with you.

verte said...

I'm in nine squares, but two of them are just impossible to guess from what I have and, gah, I've been learning magicians from wiki. Damn the evil, addictive game!

I thought the article was more single-mother orientated, but I got the impression she was implying that fathers deserve and should be encouraged to have the same flexibility at work as mothers. And I think that's a Good Thing.

I hear you on the 'family friendly=woman friendly' crap, though.