Thursday, 19 July 2007


So fricking busy at the moment I'm barely getting the chance to read the blogs, and I've got the hug slut coming to stay with me today for a few days of fun and debauchery. And work, of course. Life in London is good.

I have insomnia, however. Not used to not having another human breathing and dreaming beside me, perhaps. Cure for the shakes, anyone?

Managed to grab The Guardian yesterday and spent a while reading G2, which documented 50 years of women's writing for the Guardian. You should too!

50 Years of the Women's Page.


The Falconer said...

Can't help with the shakes I'm afraid - I find I tend to adjust to the empty bed after a day or two, personally. Guess I'm just lucky!

Fancy a coffee sometime soon when you're less busy? Or maybe just plan to both go to the same munch?

Cruella said...

More reading for you all in the Carnival of the Feminists! Lots of good stuff on here. Why not submit something for the next carnival?

Louisefeminista said...

Hey Verte,

Does she snore? That's another reason to suffer insomnia (I have been told I snore very loud... likely to get an ASBO slapped on me by my neighbours..). Anyway, have fun...

Btw: talking of women's writing. I remember you mentioned the bk "Dirty Looks" well, there's a follow up called guessed it.."More Dirty Looks " (2003)and have to say it is fascinating and insightful. Well worth a read.

verte said...


I'll memo you my mobile number. Coffee would be good! CC&K coffee, all the better! I'm at the munch tomorrow, though not til late.