Wednesday, 30 May 2007

It's as bad as LJ...


Blogger lied about the new draft autosave. I just lost what turned into a 1500 word post.

I'm sulking too much now to even attempt a re-write, but just go and look at this ridiculous article in the Daily Male today. I'm sure the rant that proceeded was pretty predictable...


Anonymous said...

Not as nutty as some Daily Mail utterances, although I do have a few rant-like thoughts and one or two Random Ideas of No Consequence.

First, a RIoNC: better marketing-wise would be to call it "omega-mothering" rather than "beta-mothering", because everyone knows omega is good (like omega-3, omega factor, etc) and it's the opposite end of the Greek alphabet, thus emphasising the difference!

Ranty thoughts: why do we have to classify motherhood and the ways in which it's done? For sure identify when there's a common dysfunctional relationship going on (which seems to be the "alpha-mother" thing) but why do you need to say a person is an "either-or" - what the feck's wrong with just getting on with it?

The beta-mother thang looks like it's just another form of social one-upmanship, a display thing rather than a care thing, and anyway - who the feck gives a feck about the fecking middle-class pompous pricks who are able to worry about alpha- or beta- or whatever mothering anyway? Most mothers, I imagine, have a big enough challenge with mothering anyway, and really, fashonable theories of this or that aren't relevant to them. And that's just this country, what about Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world?


Go on, how much of that was likely to be in your rant?

thene said...

;__;! *hugpats* I would love to have seen that rant, and hope you get back to it at some point, if only in brief. That article is disgusting in many ways, not least the assumption that women outside of income class A/B don't exist and certainly don't have babies; plus I'm surprised at how willing the far-right media is to giving me opportunities to revel in my freak status lately. Maybe I usually just blank these things out.

(When I was four, reading was my favourite thing in the whole wide world, except maybe for playing at dressing-up. hmph to the daily male!)

belledame222 said...

Heh, someone already coined the "omega women" concept: (pals o' mine, plug!)

belledame222 said...

and yeah, goddam fucking blogger.

Cassandra Says said...

What a bunch of bollocks. Divide and conquer, it's the Daily Mail way!

Thene - I was reading at 4, too. Apparently I am supposed to consider this child abuse on my mother's part.

Funny how Dad's not even mentioned.